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  • PPC advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • We optimize campaigns with profitability criteria.
  • We successfully manage Google Shopping, Search, Display, Remarketing, Facebook and Instagram campaigns

Google Partner Agency

Being a Google Partner implies that an agency has knowledge,
experience and a track record of verifiable success stories

  • Offers Guarantee of Professionalism to our clients.
  • We are up to date on Google Ads news and we can apply it to your account.
  • If there are problems with your account, we can help you solve it.

How can we help you generate more customers?


Knowing the market where we are, as well as the competitors is essential to understand your client. From there we can define the strategy


PPC ad copy is crucial to making sure that the keyword being searched for is shown an ad offering our unique selling proposition.


Conversion tracking is essential to understand which words are most profitable and which search terms we want to eliminate.

Optimization of PPC campaigns

Are your advertising campaigns not working as they should?

On many occasions, the lack of professional management of pay per click campaigns translates into disappointment with the results and abandonment of the campaigns.

However, if there are other competitors advertising, it is probably because that niche is effective. With efficient campaigns, you can achieve increased profitability in Google Ads.

Services of our PPC Agency

If you are looking for smart, efficient and measurable acquisition strategies, understanding that generating traffic is just the tip of the iceberg and that digital marketing is an investment, then you are in the right place.

We offer you…

  • Google Ads Management: Powerful Google Ads campaign management: Search, Display, Remarketing, Google Shopping and YouTube.
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads Management: Advanced campaign management in Facebook and/or Instagram ads.
  • Analytics Management: We set up your Google Analytics account and help you regain control of your data. We offer a complementary Google Analytics audit.
  • Tips and Strategies: Our team accompanies you to audit and find the ideal strategy for your business.

Frequent questions

¿Realmente funciona el PPC?

Yes, PPC really works for sure, but first, you will need to understand the type of website you have, as it is very important for you to get good results overall.
For example, if you have an e-commerce website, then there is a long-term chance of getting great results with PPC.

¿Cuánto cuesta una campaña PPC?

The cost of a PPC campaign is up to you, how much you want to pay for each ad on the publisher’s site is entirely up to your budget.
Simply start with a daily budget that you are comfortable with and change it at your convenience later.

Most businesses start their ads with a starting budget of 10€ per day.
There are no contracts that stipulate that your ad must be shown x number of times at x cost when you start your ad campaign.

It is entirely up to you what where and how you want to display your ad and you can adjust, pause and resume your ad campaign anytime you want.

¿Quién verá mis anuncios PPC?

We understand that you are concerned about the type of audience you will receive with your PPC campaigns.

Both search advertising and display (image) advertising are part of PPC marketing and are slightly different from each other in some areas, while also sharing some fundamental similarities.

Search advertising PPC ads show users who are searching for something through a search engine. These are the ads that are seen above the organic results on the search engine results pages.

Display advertising refers to other ads that are displayed on countless websites, blogs, and landing pages that participate in Google AdSense or any other ad serving program like Taboola, Outbrain, etc.

¿Qué opciones de segmentación tendré para mis anuncios PPC?

PPC ads allow you to choose the people who will see your ad based on various metrics. You can target users based on their geographic location, keywords, demographics, affinity, remarketing, and relevant topics.

It is worth noting here that in terms of targeting there is no better option than PPC ads as they are highly targeted ads that allow you complete control over the audience that will see your ads.

We make your campaigns profitable

We are a digital marketing agency specialized in managing Google Ads campaigns. We manage search campaigns, Google Shopping, Display, Remarketing, Apps…

Our main objective is to apply a Google Ads strategy in which all our managed campaigns obtain maximum profitability for our clients thanks to our experience in the sector.

What does a PPC Agency offer me?

Estudio de Palabras Clave

Once we have a global vision of the business, we will work on the selection of “high relevance” keywords for your PPC strategy.

We want the right keywords to maximize conversion and get the highest return as soon as possible.

Tracking de Conversiones

Conversion tracking is essential to understand which words are most profitable and which search terms we want to eliminate.

We will always work on optimal keywords for higher conversion.

Landing Pages

If we need to create the Landing Pages, we can work on pages where it converts much more effectively. We want to send the maximum number of potential customers and calls to your business.

If you have already created Landing Pages in your business, we can help you with recommendations to improve effectiveness.

Creación de Anuncios

The text of the ad will be worked to obtain the best results. Without a doubt we are talking about one of the key points of our service, since it is what makes the user click or not.

We want interesting users and that is why we will work on showing them interesting ads.


Sending periodic reports where you can see the evolution of the campaigns as well as obtain a global vision of the situation compared to previous periods.

Optimización Semanal

Google Ads campaign management requires continuous work, as well as constant monitoring of campaigns.

We make adjustments and modifications periodically in order to obtain the best performance, adjusting keywords, ads, devices, ad exposure times, ad extensions, including negative keywords as well as any Landing Page recommendations.

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